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Configuring Mapped Drives

If migrating PST, EML, MBOX, Groupwise archives, NSF files or file system files from a mapped drive using multi server, the following must be configured in order for the CloudMigrator service to be able to access the drive(s).

Create a Batch File 

A batch file (.BAT) should be created on the slave server(s) containing the following command

net use z: "\\servername\sharedfolder" /persistent:yes /user:username password

Any available drive letter can be used

'username' and 'password' should be the credentials of an account with access to the mapped folder.

Create a Scheduled Task

Open Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc), select Create Task and enter a Name

Under Security option select Change User or Group and enter SYSTEM then OK

Go to the Triggers tab and select New

Change 'Begin the task:' to At startup and select OK

Go to the Actions tab and select New

Set Action to Start a program and browse to your BAT file

Select OK and restart the machine. The drive will then be mapped on startup and accessible to CloudMigrator.

The drive may show as disconnected in Explorer but the migration will still work.